Non Sequitur (noun) : A statement, response or thing that does not logically follow from, or is not clearly related to, anything that came before it

Non Sequitur Publishing is a publishing house that lives up to its name. Its projects can include anything – novels, poetry, music, art, biographies, travel writings, sculpture, video, animation, comics, anything that can be called art, and it can be released in any medium, real or virtual, imaginable.

Non Sequitur Publishing (NSP) has a few basic ideas in its manifesto –

1. The cost of any printing, promo, venue hire etc will be shared by the Artist and NSP, at the same ratio as the profits. In other words, for example, if the Artist covers 50 percent of the budget (NSP pays the other 50 percent), he/she/they get 50 percent of profits. Similarly, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10. This amount is completely negotiable, but the primary benefit for the Artist is the more they contribute, the higher their royalties.

2. NSP is as environmentally responsible as possible – all printing will be recycled/environmentally friendly. This also means NO PLASTIC unless it already exists (for instance, if your art involves pre-existing plastic)

3. All art produced with NSP will be slick (this is NOT the opposite of punk/DIY! Only the closed-minded would think they are exclusive of each other).